About Me

Ever since I was a teeny tiny tot I have been fueled with the desire to travel and learn about the world, even resorting to begging my parents at five years old to send me to boarding school in any random different country (I never got my wish, psht).

I didn’t begin truly travelling though until January 1st, 2015, having only taken short sporadic trips previously between assignment deadlines at university. As I grew I did everything I was supposed to, I worked hard in school, achieved my GCSE’s and A-levels before packing up and going to university to make my parents proud. Throughout this time though, the desire to travel never wained, it never got easier, and it left me constantly day dreaming about places and people unknown. I needed to explore the world and learn everything that there was to know about it. Thats when I began to plan.

Every little penny I could get my hands on, I saved. As soon as I handed in my final dissertation at university, I packed up and headed home. It was time to work to save even more. I worked from May to December 31’st 2014 and it was the longest seven months of my life. However, with an end in sight it made me all the more determined to work as hard as I possibly could. I was going to travel no matter what.

So that there is basically my story. I am a 21 year old with an intense case of chronic wanderlust resulting in me packing up my life for the adventure of a life time. I hope you enjoy reading and following me on my journey!


– Kristina.


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