For Those That Can’t Travel Longterm.

So you’re working 9-5, monday to friday, sitting at your desk wishing you could explore more than just the view from you 10th floor window. You day dream of the delicacies across the border, the architecture, the museums, the history and knowledge that you can only truly discover in the places themselves.

Lux 5

Find the beauty in the world around you.

Do you ever contemplate just packing up and leaving? Grabbing your savings and skipping town with nothing but a packpack and a map? But then you think it over, contemplate the practicalities and remind yourself
that it’s not always that easy, you have responsibilities, work, bills, all that adult stuff that our inner adventurers never signed up for.

Well, don’t you worry, your inner pirate or gyspy heart can be let loose, just take it one day at a time.

Weekend breaks are often welcomed by those who cant afford nor have the time to give up work to spend months travelling the world.


Remember to always look out the window.

You’ll be amazed how easy it is to wander a foreign city and enjoy the atmosphere that surrounds you. It’s all achievable with the correct planning and can even be done on a budget and so you don’t need to worry about breaking the bank.

Initially you should start small, spread your wings and travel a short distance from home. When people use the world ‘travel’ it usually implies spending tons of money for tickets on flights, hotels, restaurants, theme parks, tours and such, but that truly isnt all there is in the world. Take the train and enjoy the view from the window as you pass through smaller towns and villages. Picnic in the grounds of landmark cathederals or by a lakeside.

Castle Swans

Take in the scenery and enjoy the view.

Wander the streets of an unknown village, peaking into each little boutique that takes your fancy. You do not need to spend a bucket load of money to see the world for yourself.

And remember to look around you. Open your eyes and take everything in, take photos, document your journey. Write what you see and feel. Explore. And if you’re feeling brave, talk to the locals, they can show you places that a travel agent would never have heard of.

So next time you get yourself a three day weekend, hop on a train after work and spend the night in a low budget hotel. Nowadays even low budget hotels are pretty great (with free wifi, a tv AND breakfast. Awesome, right ?) and then just see where the day takes you. You’ll have twenty four hours to immerse yourself in places unknown, satisfying you uncontrollable wanderlust for a short while longer. Just take it one day at a time.

Become an adventurer.


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