Learning Italian in Italy. It’s easier than you think!

In this day and age, with our ability to access information through various platforms, it is possibly easier than ever to learn a new language. By just taking a small step outside of our comfort zones and challenging ourselves to dip a toe into the pool of knowledge that surrounds us, it’ll be achieved quicker than in previous decades.

Learning a language is something that a large percentage of individuals aspire to do at some point in their lives. And honestly, who wouldn’t want to be able to freely converse with others from lands near and far? Lands which would open up so many different opportunities once crossing the language barriers.

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Twenty Four Hours In Metz, France

I closed my eyes and let my index finger do all the work, picking the next city for exploration on this trip. Metz. I had never even heard of this eastern city in the Lorraine region of France, let alone seen any images of the place itself so I had no idea what to expect. Upon entering the stretch of road into the city, I was met with a thick heavy fog, inducing an overpowering eerie feel, much like that portrayed in the Silent Hill franchise. But have no fear, which was the one and only fearful element of this beautiful city.

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For Those That Can’t Travel Longterm.

So you’re working 9-5, monday to friday, sitting at your desk wishing you could explore more than just the view from you 10th floor window. You day dream of the delicacies across the border, the architecture, the museums, the history and knowledge that you can only truly discover in the places themselves.

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